What is the preference distribution matrix?

The scores of the SJT and MMI comprise your total AGPT selection score. Applicants are placed in bands of score ranges based on their indicated preferences for geographical training regions and pathways. These bands range from 1 - 10 with band 1 having the highest scoring 10 percentile of applicants in it, and thereafter the scores keep decreasing with each band. This distribution of score bands across the training regions and pathways constitute the preference distribution matrix.

Within the AGPT indicated time frame, applicants will be able to generate a dynamic preference distribution matrix through their applicant portal. This is the period where applicants are able to change their preferences, based on their score bands in order to brighten their chances of securing a spot on a given pathway in a given training region. Since the change of preference is an ongoing process within the time frame, the matrix generated will always be dynamic with the matrix constantly updating as it reacts to Applicant preference changes. It would be advisable to continually review the matrix through till the end of the process in order to ensure your preferences remain appropriate.

For further information, please refer to page 74 of the 2017 AGPT applicant guide.

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