What is a ranking band?

Ranking bands are a system used by AGPT to classify AGPT selection scores and catalogue applicants’ preferences for regional training organisations (RTOs).

There are 10 ranking bands. Applicants who scored in the top 10 percentile are allocated to ranking band 1 and applicants who scored in the lowest 10 percentile are allocated to ranking band 10.

Applicants are shortlisted for GP training places in score order, with applicants who score the highest shortlisted first.

Your ranking band tells you how you performed against other people who have applied to your preferred training region, and so is an indication of your chances of being shortlisted for a GP training place by a regional training organisation (RTO).

It also gives you information to make a decision as to whether you want to change you nominated training region preferences, in order to increase the likelihood of being shortlisted.

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