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What is the paediatric requirement for GP training?

You need to meet the paediatric requirement before starting your GP placements. The requirement differs for each college, so will depend on which fellowship you're completing.

You can meet the paediatric requirment for the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) by completing one of the following:

  • A 10 week paediatric term
  • An integrated rural hospital term of at least 25 weeks, which includes paediatrics, under supervision (on or offsite) of a specialist paediatrician or a GP with advanced skills in paediatrics
  • Work in an Emergency Department for a minimum of sixmonths (where at least 25% of presentations are children)
  • A 25 week term assisting a paediatrician (or paediatric team) providing outreach paediatric services
  • Community Primary Care post of no less than six months
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health
  • Undertake AST in Paediatrics
  • Combinations of above, approved by ACRRM.

The options for meeting the paediatric requirement for The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) are:

  • A complete (10–12 weeks) Paediatric term in an accredited paediatric post.
  • A half Paediatric term (minimum 6 weeks in length) with an approved full (10–12 week) Emergency Department term.
  • Two approved emergency department terms as defined in 4.1. One term may be undertaken in Post Graduate Year 1 (PGY1) if the other is undertaken in Post Graduate Year 2 (PGY2). In both cases the Registrar needs to be able to demonstrate sufficient experience in assessing and managing paediatric cases and the training provider needs to be satisfied that adequate skills have been gained.
  • An approved emergency department term as defined in 4.1.3 and a Post Graduate Prevocational Placements Program (PGPPP) term with appropriate supervision and education components. One term may be undertaken in PGY1 year (provided a sufficient number and spread of paediatric cases were seen) if the other is undertaken in PGY2. A PGPPP term does not count as a standalone paediatric requirement.
  • Completion of the coursework and exam for the Children's Hospital at Westmead Diploma in Child Health or any other RACGP Board of Censors approved course can also count as the paediatric component as long as the doctor has also had some clinical exposure to children (for example an emergency department term or PGPPP term).

Find out more about prerequisite training, including a short explainer video about meeting the paediatric requirement.

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