What is a rural area?

The Australian Government categorises locations using the Rural, Remote and Metropolitan Areas (RRMA) classification guidelines. There are seven categories in this classification - two metropolitan, three rural and two remote. A location is categorised according to its population.

Zone Category
Metropolitan zone M1 Capital cities
Metropolitan zone M2 Other metropolitan centres (urban centre population > 100,000)
Rural zone R1 Large rural centres (urban centre population 25,000-99,999)
Rural zone R2 Small rural centres (urban centre population 10,000-24,999)
Rural zone R3 Other rural areas (urban centre population < 10,000)
Remote zone Rem1 Remote centres (urban centre population > 4,999)
Remote zone Rem2 Other remote areas (urban centre population < 5,000)

For the purpose of GP Training, the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) is used. The training region is divided into five RA categories (RA1 – 5) which are:

RA 1

Major cities of Australia

RA 2

Inner regional Australia

RA 3

Outer regional Australia

RA 4

Remote Australia

RA 5

Very remote Australia

Regions falling under RA 2 – 5 constitute the Rural Pathway.

Find out more about rural ratings for GPTQ's training region.

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